20 May 2021

The lecture will be dedicated to the industrial organization of deceptive practices by firms, like tricky contracts or unclear/hidden prices, when consumers are not perfectly rational. The speaker will give a taste of cutting-edge behavioral economics, lots of interesting issues that people might be able to relate to from everyday life, and many of which can be illustrated with simple examples.

Botond Kőszegi
Botond Kőszegi | Lecturer
Botond Kőszegi is a Professor at Central European University. He graduated magna cum laude in mathematics from Harvard University and earned his PhD in economics from MIT. In 2015, the Yrjö Jahnsson Foundation awarded Kőszegi its biennial Yrjö Jahnsson Award, which is given to "young European economists who have made a significant contribution to theoretical and applied research in terms of the study of economics in Europe" for his “contribution to the theoretical foundations of behavioral economics, and its application to public finance and contract theory."
Sergei Izmalkov
Senior Lecturer, Program Director, "Master of of Arts in Economics"