Migration and Economic Growth: A Complex Interrelationship

Cevat Aksoy, Assistant Professor of Economics at King’s College London and Principal Economist at the EBRD, in an interview to GURU spoke about the scale of voluntary and forced international migration, its effects on the economies of source and destination countries, the modalities of the migrants' economic behavior (particularly, their propensity to entrepreneurship) and their contribution to economic development.


Notsile Lindelwa Dube: “My experiences are of value to a lot of people: that makes me happy.”

At 17, Nono Dube moved from Africa to Russia, where she learned Russian, did her BSc at People's Friendship University of Russia (RUDN), and MSc at Lomonosov Moscow State University, and wrote a book titled Life of an African in Russia. This year, she enrolled at NES to get her MA in Economics, which she is engaging in for the very first time. In an interview with GURU, Nono recalls her childhood and family, explains how she managed to handle living in Russia, and describes her first impressions of studying at NES: education has never been so difficult, but she likes the challenge.


Why Foreign Professors Choose NES