Escaping Resource Curse

NES Professor Gerhard Toews and Chief Advisor to the Director General of the Russian Energy Agency Vladimir Drebentsov


06/07/2021 (Release 1. Season 2) More

How not to Waste the Economy

NES Professor Konstantin Egorov and HSE Professor Oleg Vyugin

04/19/2021 More

Are We Living the Legacy of Serfdom?

NES Professor Andrey Markevich

04/12/2021 More

How to Create a Brand?

Professor of New Economic School Daria Dzyabura and PR-director of Yandex.Zen Yevgenia Ponomarenko

02/23/2021 (Release 3. Season 1) More

What Behavioral Economics Teaches Us

NES Professor Yevgeny Yakovlev and General Partner of Matrix Capital Pavel Teplukhin

01/25/2021 More