Why Are Women Under-Represented in Politics and Does It Matter?

13 November 2019

Why are women under-represented in politics? Do they have lower political ambition than men or are they mainly held back by parties and voters? And what happens when women’s presence in political institutions increases? Do women appear to be better or worse politicians than men, and do they make different policy choices?

Pamela Campa will answer these questions based on data analysis in different countries such as India, Italy, Spain, Sweden, and the US, and will present her findings relevant for any country that aims at increasing women’s representation in its political institutions.

Pamela Campa
Pamela Campa | Lecturer
Professor at the Stockholm Institute for Economies in Transition, Stockholm School of Economics. Specializes in political and gender economics, environmental economics. Participates in supporting the Dondena Gender Initiative for research on gender policy and gender diversity.
Natalya Volchkova
Senior Lecturer, Director of the Center for Economic and Financial Research